Nature 1:1

Nature 1:1


Form Us With Love takes on a new media with a series of graphic products in collaboration with Danish brand Paper Collective.


It’s a first, Swedish design studio Form Us With Love has created a new graphical product, presenting a series of fine lined prints on heavy Munken Paper. The posters illustrates large natural objects in actual size, detailed to precision with ballpoint pen. The series include the titles; Nature 1:1 Hailstone and Nature 1:1 Pine Cone, both printed at 50 centimeters by 70 centimeters.

“Our ambition with the series of prints has been to combine art with fascinating and intriguing facts. The prints depict some extreme objects of nature; The World’s largest pine cone, a hailstone the size of a football and who knows what the next will be?” Says Form us With Love.

The prints are created in collaboration with Paper Collective, a young Danish Studio with illustrators and artists who create iconic poster designs with a good incentive. Each Paper Collective collection is linked to a cause and 15% of each poster sale is donated to a charity of the designers choice.

Most of us have a fascination with natures course, especially when rare, unexpected shapes occur. In this series, extraordinary abnormally sized versions of generally very small objects of nature are explored. In a combination of intriguing fact and beauty, this Scandinavian design collaboration presents a series of artworks by nature, donating 15% of sales to World Wildlife Foundation (WWF).

“Doing graphic products was very appealing to us as it represented both a new medium, but also a new and faster process than what we normally work with. Paper Collective’s concept of donating part of the sales to charity was the final piece of the puzzle.” Says Form Us With Love


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