GODREJ, Exhibition

Punāh is an initiative by one of India’s major manufacturing conglomerates,
Godrej and Boyce, focusing on re-thinking the use of industrial waste materials. This year, Form Us With Love was invited to Mumbai as curators, designing the first ever Punāh exhibition, shown at the London Design Festival Sept 2016.

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IKEA – Kitchen

Our collaboration on the JANINGE collection had a profound impact on our understanding and admiration of the IKEA universe. We were therefore thrilled the day kitchen range manager, Gerry Dufresne, asked us to do an in-depth study of the kitchen. Together with product developer, Anna Granath, we began to unfold the complex world of the heart of the home.

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Godrej, Visit India

About a year ago, Form Us With Love had the privilege of meeting the Chief Executive Director and Chief Design Officer, representing one of India’s most renown company—the Godrej Group. The two gentlemen casually visited the studio at St Eriksplan, to talk about strategic design and operations in aerospace, real-estate, safety, food and furniture among many other things.

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In an era where technological farsightedness has become a new measurement for success, very few unexpected design attributes have entered the hardware scene in the last decade. This spring, Form Us With Love set out to explore the realm of technology and it did not take long before all tables in the studio where filled with objects on review, along with the designers most precious everyday staples.

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Nest Collection

The Nest collection is as unrestrained as most work from Form Us With Love, presenting a reversed silhouette—a club chair with skinny legs. Our ideas of different height layers led, as they often do, into deeper research.

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At the end of 2011 we travelled to Almeria in Spain with Cosentino’s Swedish CEO, Pierre. The brand wanted to use design to secure its position as a premium kitchen name. We checked into the brand’s own hotel and travelled onwards to the factory, a vast 1-million sqm production facility that needed a bus to get around. We saw a brand film, spent time at the futuristic company offices. It was a really immersive experience but it felt polarised against the company’s products and ways of working.

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When we first moved offices in 2011, we were searching for new places to have lunch. One we tried was Bonniers gallery, just down the road (bit of a trek though). While we were there we looked up and looked at the ceiling (a good design tip to look up and down every now and then). The ceiling was like the one we had at school when we were young. But here though, it looked really good somehow. Still not sure why actually, might have been that were were fuelled positive energy after moving into our new space? So we looked up who made this ceiling when we finished our lunch as it was in Sweden in a place called Österby.

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The future designer is one whose work is aimed at change. It’s not a choice, given the state of our planet and how we as people have instigated its spiralling decline. In part designers are to blame of course, as is anyone who’s contributed to the act of consume and discard.

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Spritmuseum – Champagne Concept

In 2015, Form Us With Love designed Spritmuseum’s successful deep dive into Beer. Two years later, Spritmuseum celebrates 50 years in style, inviting the design studio to create a sparkling museum experience. Sweden is one of the countries in the world where champagne consumption has increased the most in recent years, a reason for Swedish […]

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Compared to the development time on a piece of furniture, FUWL qualified their first project in the clothing industry within a few months. It’s nicknamed Jacka, a jacket prototype built specifically for winter city use. A garment concept that mixes usability with mobility and comfort, the jacket is a three layered industrial design made from […]

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To match the warmth of No.1 Gold watch, FUWL and TID, have specially brought together a unique set of fabrics to create a rugged collection of wristbands—introducing, Dawn, Lake, Mill, Mud and Rust. The wristband made with a backing of repurposed Swedish vegetable tanned leather, from the organic tannery Tärnsjö Garveri, and a front made with carefully curated […]

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