Qualifying the success of Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair’s 2016 Greenhouse is ambiguous. As it’s not like anything else that’s been before it.

Yes, the participants have a place to show their work that doesn’t take away from the work itself. Yes, there is a sense that this is more of a unified concept from the perspective of the participating designers — they’re a part of a collective. And, yes, the cafe is present as is the capture UNG Svensk Form show.

But the statistical element? Does the Millennial respond to numbers, fractions and percentages if they cannot flick through them at their own pace? Will the established design glitterati feel that they can contribute within this new meeting place? And is there safety in numbers — does the participant prefer being overwhelmed by a comedic installation full of garish colour and wacky design typography?

The views of Form Us With Love, in this particular case, don’t matter. The installation is never predictable as an environment and critique is ever present in any design fair. But, this time, if that critique is constructive and geared towards progressing the ideas and, potentially, the careers of these young designers then that’s enough. Because Greenhouse should be that place.

TID gold

In Fall 2016, Form Us With Love in collaboration with TID watches has brought an anticipated newcomer into the TID watch range, TID No1 Gold. This matt gold coloured watch, keeps the simplistic industrial look, but adds a pleasant component to the family, a somewhat affectionate take on No.1 steel. Crafted in the same elegant manner, No1 […]

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+Halle – Fair Stand

Today, members of the contract design industry often source upholstery fabrics for sofas and chairs through the sometimes process of picking colours from a screen. It’s a risk and makes most decision makers stick with the usual choice. This is precisely why Form Us With Love in collaboration with the upholstery craftsmen at +Halle, set […]

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To match the warmth of No.1 Gold watch, FUWL and TID, have specially brought together a unique set of fabrics to create a rugged collection of wristbands—introducing, Dawn, Lake, Mill, Mud and Rust. The wristband made with a backing of repurposed Swedish vegetable tanned leather, from the organic tannery Tärnsjö Garveri, and a front made with carefully curated […]

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SB Seating at Orgatec

In 2013, Form Us With Love co-designed the first Noor chair for Scandinavian Business Seating, the first crush in what was going to become a long term relationship with the versatile manufacturer. This year, SB Seating approached Form Us With Love to collaborate with Project Leader Pernille Stoltz and architect Kari Nost Bergem, on a display […]

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IKEA – Odger

After a domestic chair for public use and a tech dining chair we dived headfirst into the realm of wood-polypropylene, initially started by product developer Åsa Hederberg back in 2014. Odger is an exciting, two-part chair—now at its very final but most important, qualifying stage.

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Janinge Cycle times

If we envisage a chair in a restaurant environment, that chair will see action from ten sets of bums. Ten bums on one seat. And that bum will raise from that seat, what, five times. Up and down. So, 50 cycles a day. Probably 300 times during a year, that chair will see new rumps. […]

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GODREJ, Exhibition

Punāh is an initiative by one of India’s major manufacturing conglomerates,
Godrej and Boyce, focusing on re-thinking the use of industrial waste materials. This year, Form Us With Love was invited to Mumbai as curators, designing the first ever Punāh exhibition, shown at the London Design Festival Sept 2016.

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Warm Bench

Gottsunda is a civic concept created for a municipality of Uppsala, just to the north of Stockholm; and was part of Santa & Cole’s range.
At a glance the piece seems harsh and unfriendlRe: FUWL books 160113, mail 1 of 2.y, yet there’s a visual warmth and realism to using moulded concrete. It’s a material we’ve all seen so it gives off a familiarity and durability of course, which a piece for public areas requires.

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Greenhouse 2017

The advantage of curating a sequence of exhibitions is that you can learn from one exhibition and apply it to the next. Last year, Form Us With Love utilised their Greenhouse design at Stockholm Furniture & Light fair as a platform for dialogue. This resulted in an unpleasant discovery, unveiling that the perceived gap between […]

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Building a box should be easy. Four sides, a top perhaps. Corners. However, as a studio, we do tend to sweat the small stuff. As a result, it took many CAD drawings to find the quality we were looking for when designing Greenhouse 2016 and its simple box-like stands for the exhibitors.

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