This month, Form Us With Love participated in an evening symposium, held at the beautiful Marmorsaal in Weissenburgpark, Stuttgart, Germany. In a series of talks, hosted by Liener büromöbel, design was tackled in three sub-sections; team, room and process. Speakers included Prof. Ulrich Weinberg from Hasso Plattner Institut in Potsdam, Markus Schiffer, Country Manager at Buzzi Space and Jonas Pettersson, CEO and co-founder at Form Us With Love.

Pettersson brought with him the concept of the informal meetings culture; A mindset of people being on the same level, using the case of the +Halle Nest chairs as a model for how informal meetings have improved office environments by enabling multiple heights for sitting, standing and gathering around a table. ‘Imagine, two people, having coffee and a third person joining with ease. Some of our latest ideas were actually created in this setting,’ Pettersson explained.

The Nest high sofa became the symbol for the idea of an informal stance, and from that, the potential of the product was explored. ‘Before going into actual model making we build 1:1 high chairs from what we have in our office to prototype and test how the concept of informality could best inform the collection,’ Pettersson continued. Proving to actually positively alter the way people work, the Nest collection is growing, with more news being revealed later this year.

Prototypa – Milan

During Milan design week this April, Form Us With Love temporary moved their practice to engage in the second round of Prototypa—a four-day series of talks on the act of prototyping. Inhabiting a Milanese architect firm, located in the centre of the city, Prototypa brought four conversations in an honest setting, delivering actual and speculative design assessments to a […]

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Right in the centre of Milan, Swedish lighting brand ateljé Lyktan is present with a pop-up exhibition for this year’s design week. Located between the Duomo and the Sforzesco Castle, ateljé Lyktan presents a hospitality display in an intimate setting. A perfect suite, including an installation of the extended Ogle Mini range designed by Form Us With Love.The exhibition is open daily, 10 am […]

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IKEA Festival – Milan 2017

During Salone del Mobile, IKEA is present with a Festival, including the IKEA Today Lab, an area that daily invites visitors to experience IKEA Democratic Design, offering a behind-the-scenes peek at new product development. Form Us With Love, is invited to participate as a speaker, proud to support the ambition to bridge the gap between […]

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Last year marked the ten-year anniversary of Form Us With Love. One of the first projects to embark on the studio’s career, was Cord Lamp, a brilliant floor lamp, designed with essence in mind. The prototype for Cord Lamp was shown at Greenhouse in Stockholm and later Salone Satellite in Milan 2005, only to be picked […]

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Hong Kong

We asked Ben about his experience in Hong Kong and he replied, “It is what it is! In Hong Kong there is a culture of starting production and going from there. “In Europe you talk about projects that might not happen. In Hong Kong people are doing projects and hardly ever talking about them.” So, it is easier to make things here? “Yeah, everything’s just there close by. It is much easier to have a conversation with the right people and start production; talk to different manufacturers, ask around town.

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We were in Mitab’s factory in Tranås and were impressed by the welding robots. Marcus, who was in charge of the factory told us that they didn’t really do so much with them at that point in time. They’d been used in the past to weld shopping baskets, but there wasn’t so much demand of that anymore. Poor robots eh. No jobs anywhere. Humans coming in and taking their jobs…

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JoV Portugal

A friend of ours put us in contact with a—one of a kind—carpet manufacturer in Portugal, called JoV. Intrigued, we wanted to see the handwoven craft and meet the tufters in their factory in Porto.

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ZaoZuo, China

During late fall of 2014, Form Us With Love were among a selected few, approached by Chinese start-up ZaoZuo. A furniture brand managed by Shu Wei, a clever and driven Chinese entrepreneur, who wants to supply the Chinese market with premium design and lifestyle products.

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The Noor chair was a quadruple exploration between chair producer SBSeating and Norwegian studio StokkeAustad, Danish studio Grønlund Design and Form Us With Love.

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When designing for home appliances you often times find yourself on a trip, visiting a supplier in the greater Venice area. Scattered throughout modern but in old settings are great Italian manufacturers who blend their years of experience with automated technology like it is nothing.

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During the first week of November, Form Us With Love is travelling to Lausanne, Switzerland, hosting a workshop at ÉCAL, facilitating MA Product Design students at the international renown Swiss art and design university. In collaboration with designer and associate professor, Thilo Alex Brunner and Really Copenhagen, Form Us With Love has designed a week-long challenge […]

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This October, Form Us With Love embarked on a series of workshops in collaboration with the non-profit organisation, Non-Violence Project Foundation Sweden. With the mission to inspire, engage and motivate young people to understand how to solve conflicts without resorting to violence, NVP organises students in schools to meet professionals—in this case, a one-on-one tutorial […]

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Greenhouse 2018 – Jury

This fall, John Löfgren, Creative Director at Form Us With Love, did his second year as a member of the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair, Greenhouse exhibition jury. It is an honorary role, which Löfgren now, being experienced from his first round, carried out with pride and much liking. This year, the jury tried to push the applicants […]

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After successfully hosting design forum Prototypa in Stockholm, Milan, and London, Form Us With Love is invited to IIDEX in Toronto during the two-day long fair hosting the fourth edition of Prototypa. The part of the design process that accumulates prototyping, will be unpacked in four talks with Toronto’s leading industry practitioners, curated and hosted […]

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Water Faucet

You try to locate the sensors, looking for those dark coloured lenses usually placed in the stem of the faucets. But you can’t see anything! It’s ‘minimalism’. You place your hands a wide as you can, moving frantically to try to maximise the chance for a reflection to hit the sensor—it still doesn’t work.

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Design Sweden is an independent organisation set up with the purpose to nurture and enable designers living and working in Sweden and those operating abroad. Celebrating 60 years this year, the organisation is continuing to engage in design from an industry as well as a public perspective. This years anniversary celebrations include an evening of talks around the theme of […]

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Comforty Living

In 2009, Comforty Living invited a number of renowned European designers to compete for a contract — Andersen & Voll from Norway, Philippe Negro from France, to name a few. We were invited to Warsaw to each design a sofa. The best piece was then picked by a jury and put in production.

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