Adam Huxley-Khng

Designer (Trainee Program)
+44 (0) 7740 875 018

Young, promising, eurasian industrial designer Adam Huxely-Khng, received his BA Honours in Design for Industry, from Northumbria University in 2016, specialising in design research, prototyping and model making.

Throughout his education, Huxely-Khng engaged in a series of professional design internships, including Industrial Facility in London and Keiji Ashizawa Design in Tokyo, places in which he came to foster a genuine passion for refining any process.

A year into his independent practice Huxely-Khng has joined the studio, contributing with an unparalleled research mind, eager to observe, collect and build in a rapid—impressively lucid—design manner.
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  • Adam Huxley-Khng

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