Christian Fiebig

Industrial Designer
+46 764 484 847

Christian’s skill set coincides well with Form Us With Love’s iterative approach to design; developing multiple perspectives and solutions at increasingly higher fidelities. As a part of the team, he works closely with their partners’ product developers to evolve their ideas. Christian is from Stuttgart, Germany.

  • Jonas Pettersson

    CEO / Co-Founder

  • John Löfgren

    Creative Director / Co-Founder

  • Christian Fiebig

    Industrial Designer

  • Hye Jin Ahn


  • Allon Libermann

    Project Manager / Operation Manager

  • Christian Sjöström

    Industrial Designer

  • Berta Julià Sala

    Project Manager / Content Manager

  • Riccardo Paccaloni

    Project Manager

  • Boaz Katz

    Industrial Designer