BAUX – Patterns

BAUX – Patterns


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At this year Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair, BAUX launched ‘BAUX Patterns’ a catalogue of ideas designed by Form Us With Love. Catered to specific features, the platform becomes a short cut to more than five hundred—diverse and filtered—wall patterns, combining the beauty of design with the durability of the BAUX panel properties. 

After discovering that architects and designers found ‘an infinitive choice’ a little exhausting, Form Us With Love in collaboration with BAUX, designed a platform of monochrome and colourful patterns ready to be mounted on any wall. By using twenty-five colours, in a series of 3X3m recurring patterns, Form Us With Love has created a vast and accessible catalogue of perfectly panelled wood wool wallpapers.  

‘The boundless ways in which you can build and combine BAUX colours and shapes proved time-consuming. Our research showed that architects and designers loved the product, but did not have the resources to develop new designs for every project,’ says Jonas Pettersson, CEO at Form Us With Love. 

Form Us With Love’s joint venture BAUX, has always been about bringing endless creative possibilities to the otherwise dull and limited market of building materials. However, with an ever-expanding global market and installations in headquarters like Google, Accenture, KPMG and Volvo, Form Us With Love spotted the opportunity to introduce some well-anticipated design guidance. 

‘The new platform is there to aid the decision-making process, for instance; request bluish tones in a herringbone shape, and you will receive ten alternative patterns to chose from as oppose to millions. If you don’t have any parameters, you can browse freely. Maybe number 72 is the one you were after,’ John Löfgren, creative director at Form Us With Love proposes. 

Form Us With Love is also the studio behind the design and curating of the BAUX fair stand, complete with monochrome, black and white as well as colourful patterns. 

‘We wanted to express the versatility of the platform by using pillars with a different pattern on every side. This, to let the audience experience the sound absorbing effect along with the powerful visual display,’ Pettersson explains. 

With a new software applied to the website, BAUX and Form Us With Love have created an interesting design tool for bringing static building materials into a new digital phase. With relatively small means, the design studio has implemented a range strategy based on crafted reduction, introduced by a filtration tool that speaks to the needs of architects or designers today.

‘Still providing the design experience of choosing your preferred pattern, only now with a lower threshold, we hope that users will experiment and select our patterns in their own time, with or without having to involve design programs like CAD,’ Jonas Pettersson concludes. 


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