RBM – Noor

RBM – Noor


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RBM Noor is the result of a contemporary take on manufacturer and designer relations, rediscovering Scandinavian design in a quadruple venture between Norwegian chair producer Scandinavian Business Seating and Norwegian, Danish and Swedish design studios StokkeAustad, Grønlund Design and Form Us With Love. In the making of RBM Noor, the design teams were placed at a creative research centre located at an isolated fjord in the west of Norway. During a five day workshop they worked together with an engineer, a brand manager, a textile designer, a project manager and a Research and development manager, with no computers and only panoramic views of the sea at hand. Together, the group sketched, discussed and worked thoroughly to find the ultimate solution for a high volume contract seating solution.

“The trip to the fjord was very rewarding; we worked twelve hour days and went to bed tired but incredibly happy. It was the atmosphere that changed us, we all arrived as strangers and competitors and left as friends and co-workers”, says Form Us With Love.

Built on a molded seat with four different leg structures, RBM Noor creates more than fourteen different chair options all available to dismantle and recycle. The flexibility carefully brings the chair to a new level of usability.

The RBM Noor chair is changing manufacturing and designer relations forever, and for the better. RBM Noor is not based on the beauty notion of a single designer. What was created is a true design, emphasized by every aspect of the process. Combining multiple thoughts and ideas in every step, the design teams really want you to look at RBM Noor and think; this is really well thought out. Fascinated about the idea of community, Scandinavian Business Seating explored their own interpretation of Scandinavian identity through a creative relay race. One idea was passed on to someone else and finalized by a third member. Instead of going under the premises that all Scandinavian designers are the same, they wanted to use their experience of differences to really grasp the cultural innovations of Scandinavia today.

“If you work hard to reinvent creative structures you always reach something qualitative as long as your work is thorough. RBM Noor shows that design in business is changing. Today design can be a strategy, a process, as well as a way to explore cultural innovation”, says Kristin Ruth Amdal, design Manager at Scandinavian Business Seating. RBM Noor is an exercise exploring mobility, sustainability and Scandinavian identity, tossing the old royalty rules and investing in people, lots of them. Introducing no less than three Scandinavian design studios on one single chair, created in the realm of research, RBM Noor is the result of an impressive collection of skills.

“We see a shift in the way manufacturers work with designers. Traditionally, ideas were sent off to manufacturers and the designers got their royalties. Now we see that the manufacturer and several designers can work together during the whole process, paying everyone for their contributions. We want to be in the front-end of this shift, bringing the design much closer to the manufacturing community, learning from each other for the greater good”, says Kristin Ruth Amdal, Design Manager at Scandinavian Business Seating.


SHAW Contract – Inside Shapes

BAUX – Arch and Curve

TID – No.1 – 33

MDD – Testing Grounds

Spritmuseum – Champagne Exhibition

IKEA – Odger

Prototypa – London

TID – No. 3

TID – Canvas

Prototypa – Milan Design Week 2017

Swedish Design Moves

BAUX – Patterns

Prototypa – Stockholm Design Week 2017


IKEA – Kungsbacka

+Halle – Nest Collection

IKEA museum

Ateljé Lyktan – Ogle Collection

ateljé Lyktan – Ogle Mini

The I-X Book

+Halle – Nest

Stockholmmässan – Greenhouse 2016

The I—X Exhibition


BAUX – 3D Pixel

Spritmuseum – Ölbryggan

TID – Display Blocks

TID – No.2

IKEA – Janinge

TID – Leather Wristbands

BAUX – Acoustic Panels

Hem – Koti

LaCividina – Join

SVEDBERGS – Forsa Collection

SPRITMUSEUM – Beer Exhibition

Pen Store

MENU – Cage Collection

Absolut – Atelier


Visit Sweden – In Real Life

PLUST – Fura

BAUX – Tiles

MR PERSWALL – Temperature Wallpaper Collection

Baux – Range Strategy

Hem – Levels

Hem – Bento Collection


RBM – Noor

Form Us With Love – Market

Cosentino – Slab Vases

TID – No. 1

BAUX – Träullit Decor – Hexagon

Form Us With Friends 2012

JOV – Hidden Stockholm Carpet

Gottsunda – Warm Bench

Muuto – Unfold

Abstracta – Plaid

Design House Stockholm – Form Pentant

FontanaArte – Yupik

TID watches – Range Strategy

ateljé Lyktan – Plug Lamp


Mitab – Button

PUB – Green Heroes Exhibition

Bolon – Botanic

Mitab – Rodeo

Mitab – Piccolo

Mitab – Lobby

ateljé Lyktan – Study Hood

Form Us With Friends 2011

ateljé Lyktan – Hood

Bolon – Range Strategy

Nordiska Museum – Dandy

Mitab – Hilo

Muuto – Match

Cappellini – Lace Metal Lamp

Westal – Facet

Voice – Swell

JUVV – Prosthesis

Form Us With Friends 2010

DePadova – Keel

Form Us With Love – Mekano

Form Us With Love – Milan Midnight Dinner

Mitab – Button

Form Us With Love – Milan Oasis


Ateljé Lyktan – Range Strategy

Design House Stockholm – Cord Lamp

Form Us With Love – B.I.O.