Prototypa – London

Prototypa – London


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Prototypa is a platform founded in 2017 by Swedish Design studio Form Us With Love, an on-going conversation that nurtures the relationship between industry and creatives through exploring one of the most distinctive yet imaginative parts of the design process—prototyping. It is an articulation of where design is heading, a prototyping forum, peeking into the making process of the yet to be finished—revealing the instant, the iterative and the reactionary formulas used in making great design. The accumulation and evaluation of paper cuts, metal frames, cardboard shapes and 3D prints acting as platforms for communication, inevitable back and forths, negotiations, compromises and differences in opinion. Providing physical ideations from the industry—as oppose to finished products—unfolds a series of elevated performances, involving chance, accidents and intuition as well as, quality control, systems and methods of future advancement. The clash between the craft and machine become a central theme in the exhibition, as the works on display illustrate a significant shift towards an almost artful intersection.

Prototypa London

This September, Form Us With Love hosted the third version of its new civic forum for ideation—Prototypa. This time, a seven-day long series of exhibitions and talks held as part of Design Frontiers at Somerset House during London Design Festival, in partnership with Swedish Design Moves, The Grand Award of Design, Formex Nova, Visit Sweden and the Swedish Embassy London. The extensive program included; electronics brand Teenage Engineering revealing the making of a synthesiser, Veryday Design consultants illustrating how to best prototype a service through imagining a bus-ride, TID watches, introducing previously unheard of watch materials, Shift Design & Strategy sharing the twelve years long prototyping journey with the ACX power ascender, Beckmans College of Design prototyping the ultimate off-site designer survival kit, design flooring brand Bolon revealing an unconventional creative process and design studio Studio Dejawu, sharing design philosophies travelling from East to West. Inhabiting the West Wing gallery at Somerset House, Prototypa became an activated forum in central London, unveiling the physicality of ideating in a participatory setting, discussing and sharing the impact prototyping has on making things better for the future.

Past editions

Exhibitions, talks and workshops were held in Stockholm and Milan during the spring. Previous participants include; Industrial designer Shane Schneck and founder of Office for Design, Augustin Scott de Martinville and Elric Petit from Swiss design studio BIG GAME, Kristofer Hansén, Head of Design at Scania trucks, Sara Sjöbeck and Tina Eklund, design graduates from Beckmans College of Design, Jonas Edbland and Helena Toresson from Wingårdhs Architects and industrial designer Clara von Zweigbergk.


SHAW Contract – Inside Shapes

BAUX – Arch and Curve

TID – No.1 – 33

MDD – Testing Grounds

Spritmuseum – Champagne Exhibition

IKEA – Odger

Prototypa – London

TID – No. 3

TID – Canvas

Prototypa – Milan Design Week 2017

Swedish Design Moves

BAUX – Patterns

Prototypa – Stockholm Design Week 2017


IKEA – Kungsbacka

+Halle – Nest Collection

IKEA museum

Ateljé Lyktan – Ogle Collection

ateljé Lyktan – Ogle Mini

The I-X Book

+Halle – Nest

Stockholmmässan – Greenhouse 2016

The I—X Exhibition


BAUX – 3D Pixel

Spritmuseum – Ölbryggan

TID – Display Blocks

TID – No.2

IKEA – Janinge

TID – Leather Wristbands

BAUX – Acoustic Panels

Hem – Koti

LaCividina – Join

SVEDBERGS – Forsa Collection

SPRITMUSEUM – Beer Exhibition

Pen Store

MENU – Cage Collection

Absolut – Atelier


Visit Sweden – In Real Life

PLUST – Fura

BAUX – Tiles

MR PERSWALL – Temperature Wallpaper Collection

Baux – Range Strategy

Hem – Levels

Hem – Bento Collection


RBM – Noor

Form Us With Love – Market

Cosentino – Slab Vases

TID – No. 1

BAUX – Träullit Decor – Hexagon

Form Us With Friends 2012

JOV – Hidden Stockholm Carpet

Gottsunda – Warm Bench

Muuto – Unfold

Abstracta – Plaid

Design House Stockholm – Form Pentant

FontanaArte – Yupik

TID watches – Range Strategy

ateljé Lyktan – Plug Lamp


Mitab – Button

PUB – Green Heroes Exhibition

Bolon – Botanic

Mitab – Rodeo

Mitab – Piccolo

Mitab – Lobby

ateljé Lyktan – Study Hood

Form Us With Friends 2011

ateljé Lyktan – Hood

Bolon – Range Strategy

Nordiska Museum – Dandy

Mitab – Hilo

Muuto – Match

Cappellini – Lace Metal Lamp

Westal – Facet

Voice – Swell

JUVV – Prosthesis

Form Us With Friends 2010

DePadova – Keel

Form Us With Love – Mekano

Form Us With Love – Milan Midnight Dinner

Mitab – Button

Form Us With Love – Milan Oasis


Ateljé Lyktan – Range Strategy

Design House Stockholm – Cord Lamp

Form Us With Love – B.I.O.