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UK based creative studio BLOND brought together seven industrial designers to be part of ‘BLOND LABORATORY’. The Fuorisalone Milano exhibition, during Milan Design Week 2024. A roster of international designers, including Hirotaka Tako (Sony), John Tree (John Tree), Jon Marshall (Pentagram), Form Us With Love, Julie Richoz (Julie Richoz Studio), Maddalena Casadei (Maddalena Casadei Studio), and James Melia (BLOND) was invited to contribute designs in response to its ‘BLOND artefacts’ studio initiative—which involves creating new designs in response to offline inspiration from real-world objects that are no longer readily in production.

Each designer was asked to select an artefact sourced by BLOND and showcase their creative response to the artifact.

Our Chosen Inspiration: Corkscrew.
The corkscrew’s rational yet poetic appearance captivated us, embodying simplistic aesthetics and pure functionality through its mono-material design and exposed production technology. The twisted steel thread, integral to its construction, inspired us with its versatility, forming both a piercing spiral for cork extraction and a sturdy handle.

Our Designed Artefact: Bottle Opener
Our goal was to create a bottle opener that not only expanded upon the corkscrew’s utility but also contributed to a ceremonial experience. Employing a singular material and a transparent, utilitarian approach, we sought to imbue our artefact with authenticity. This homage to the corkscrew retains its timeless charm while offering enhanced versatility in opening a wider range of bottles, enriching the ritual of uncorking with elegance and grace.

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