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Collaboration lies at the center of what we do. To design actual solutions, we’ve found that having the right partner makes all the difference in the world. 


With our co-founded ventures, we want to lead the way by showing how sustainable ideas really can be commercial. With FORGO, we take a decisive step in the direction of achieving this goal, by reconfiguring the most basic of personal care products; handwash. BAUX is another great example, seizing on an opportunity to reinvent the aesthetics of a function-heavy Swedish-made building material Träulit. We co-founded TID Watches back in 2012 with the direction to create ingenious everyday watches. Prototypa is a platform nurturing the relationship between industry and creatives through exploring one of the most distinctive yet imaginative parts of the design process—prototyping.


With the right minds we can achieve our purpose of improving life. We bring together curated teams to ensure competitiveness and long term market leadership for all our partners.

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