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Testing Grounds


For Stockholm Design Week February 2024, Swedish design studio ‘Form Us With Love’ (FUWL) revealed a series of new products in collaboration with Savo, Stolab, Forming Function, and Atelje Lyktan.

‘Testing Grounds’ took the form of an open studio and creative hub, curated as an interactive and pragmatic exploration into design and work. The installation posed the question ‘To what extent does design shape workspaces of the future?’ and was intended to encourage interaction, conversation, and curiosity, amongst visitors to the space.


‘Testing Grounds’ presented an exhibition, film, curated events, and talks, to highlight themes such as functionality, aesthetics, flexibility, new work practices and the relationship between interior and industrial design. The new products designed by ‘Form Us With Love’ share a future-proof, system-led approach to their evolution; Task and domestic chairs, lights and electrical components have inherent adaptability, allowing for varying end-uses, interchangeable aesthetics, and the ability to work in a multitude of evolving work scenarios – from static offices to hospitality dwellings, domestic settings, and in public spaces.

Within the SDW installation, hosted at the FUWL waterfront studio, the common denominator of the collections was the parts – made to be specified and configured by architects and interior designers. These elements were curated as standalone designs and components, as well as part of a system and in collective harmony with all the other elements on display. Each product was dissected to expose the process-driven, incubator approach by FUWL.

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