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Client: MDD


Form Us With Love has engaged in an interesting three-way collaboration named Testing Grounds. In an ambition to involve both end-user and manufacturer in the design process, the Swedish studio has installed Agora made with Polish design brand MDD and facilitated by A House.


When MDD approached Form Us With Love, they were looking for a new seating system. Upon Form Us With Love’s first trip to MDD, they saw an opportunity to build variety on MDD’s strong rationale in steel. The result was two straightforward but ultimately generous systems of seating. The vision was for the two collections to be well reasoned and easily configured. In the case of Agora, FUWL worked to make a sofa system built on a 60×60 cm grid, leaving endless opportunities for a casual lounge configuration.

Utilitarian diversity appeals to the needs of today’s workplaces and knowing that the series is ever-growing, easy to update and make your own added intrigue.


For Agora, Form Us With Love had a second take on MDD’s expertise in CNC bent-and cut steel tubing. The intention was to create a sofa system, unconstrained by overall dimensions and capable of supporting storage and seating. The result was Agora, a modular sofa system based on a square unit of either a table, shelf, poof or seat, fixed in place with only a simple fixture. The leg structure works like a railroad track, allowing the freedom to customise and create. Architects and designers alike will be able to scale up or down, creating the largest seating arrangements that make cul-de-sacs or the smallest settings of mixed storage and seating completely unhindered.

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