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Alt Collection
Client: Stolab


While the stick chairs thrive in home environments, their appeal is somewhat limited when it comes to broader applications. Architects and creative specifiers perceive them as too traditional and homey, seeking alternatives with a more contemporary edge. The challenge lies in preserving the classic heritage of the stick chair while reimagining its design to meet the demands of varied public contexts, such as offices and evolving public spaces that demand versatility and a seamless blend of form and function.


In response to this aesthetic challenge and the evolving nature of workspaces, Stolab embarked on a journey to redefine the stick chair. The focus shifted to an exploration of new possibilities. Retaining the essence of classic design, the goal was to create a stick chair collection that seamlessly adapts to diverse public spaces and the dynamic zones of tomorrow’s offices. The process involved a meticulous balance between tradition and contemporary vision, acknowledging the evolving needs of modern work environments.


For 115 years, Stolab’s classic stick chairs have been synonymous with Swedish homes, offering a timeless blend of aesthetics and functionality. Widely embraced for their high-quality Scandinavian design, these chairs have seamlessly integrated into dining spaces, becoming a staple choice for a homely ambiance. However, as design landscapes evolve and tomorrow’s offices take shape—spaces that now blend the best from home with the best from work—the challenge arises: how to make the stick chair not just a home companion but a versatile piece for the dynamic zones of modern offices and public spaces.

The culmination of this process is the Alt Collection—a testament to the evolution of the classic stick chair. Tailored for creative specifiers in B2B, this collection offers a contemporary touch, diverse configurations, and a rich CMF spectrum. Beyond aesthetics, the emphasis is on efficient production, streamlined SKUs, and sustainability. The chair is not just a piece of furniture; it’s a versatile companion that effortlessly transitions between different zones of the office, aligning with the evolving concept of tomorrow’s workplaces—where form meets function seamlessly.

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