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Client: EFG


We observe that many office spaces have desks taking up most of the space, and yet the majority of desks are empty of people. Ways of working are changing. While people are still in need of desks, their abundance exceeds demand. Today people work in a very mobile way, across multiple spaces and furniture. How might we create a furniture alternative for working away from the desk?


Throughout the design process we explored how to create new furniture typologies as a part of a larger office ecosystem. HWe worked with EFG to create a lean system of parts made from familiar materials that last. EFG has a sustainable philosophy to “keep your darling.” The final design takes into account EFG’s update service that keeps their products in circulation for a generation.


Hybe started off as a work surface that became a chair in the end. Seating can be doubled, surfaces added, privacy created, and moved on wheels. Hybe is a simple solution for spaces that have more desks than people using them. It’s a lean alternative that works great for different kinds of work modes. The seat is a generous size for holding your personal belongings and lounging about. It’s ideal for team huddles and the 20 minute email sprints. Essentially how we all work today.

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