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Nomad Collection
Client: Forming Function


The most neglected yet essential objects in use. This is reflected in the collaboration with Form Us With Love, aiming to address the critical issues faced by modern workplaces.

Highlighting the pressing need for well-thought-out and designed technical accessories. Especially crucial for charging and electrical products, these accessories were found lacking in adaptation to contemporary design and aesthetics, often hidden away or contributing to cable chaos.


Recognizing the importance of tackling charging as a fundamental aspect of the workplace. Emphasizing the parallel demands for interior design in the workplace, akin to those in a home setting. Expressing the need for a comprehensive collection encompassing electricity, charging, and lighting for various workplaces—a collection designed for longevity and the possibility of reuse and recycling.


In response, the Nomad Collection emerges as a transformative solution, putting emphasis on making electricity accessible, seamlessly blending form and function, and transforming accessories into integral elements of your space. It pioneers the fusion of functionality and aesthetics, offering an appliance/accessory combination that elevates your workspace with purposeful design. Nomad Collection stands as an expert in functionality, pushing the boundaries of what aesthetics can achieve, with easy-to-understand shapes for seamless integration into diverse workspaces.

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