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Client: Flokk


Noor is the result of a contemporary take on manufacturer and designer relations rediscovering Scandinavian design.


In the making of Flokk Noor, the design teams were placed at a creative research centre located at an isolated fjord in the west of Norway. During a five day workshop, they worked together with an engineer, a brand manager, a textile designer, a project manager, and a research and development manager, with no computers and only panoramic views of the sea at hand. Together, the group sketched, discussed and worked thoroughly to find the ultimate solution for a high volume contract seating solution.


Built on a moulded seat with four different leg structures, Flokk Noor creates more than fourteen different chair options, all possible to dismantle and recycle. The flexibility carefully brings the chair to a new level of usability.

The Flokk Noor chair is changing manufacturing and designer relations forever and for the better. Noor is not based on the beautiful notion of a single designer. Combining multiple thoughts and ideas in every step, the design teams want you to look at Flokk Noor and think; this is really well thought out.

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