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Client: Munito


In a world where our interactions with living room seating have evolved to encompass various body sizes, postures, and activities, it’s surprising that the market for soft seaters has remained relatively stagnant. The classic soft seater, with its clear division into seat, backrest, and armrest, no longer adequately serves the diverse needs of modern living spaces. The traditional concept of soft seating, designed primarily for static TV-watching, no longer aligns with the dynamic nature of today’s living spaces. Modern living rooms have become versatile hubs accommodating multiple activities, from screen time to dining and work. This shift in behavior demanded a fundamental rethinking of soft seating.


Recognizing this pressing issue, Form Us With Love (FUWL), in collaboration with Munito, embarked on a transformative journey. The objective was clear: to redefine soft seating for contemporary living.

PROCESS: Crafting a New Typology

The objective was to craft a soft seating collection that went beyond conventional boundaries and enhanced the experiences of a wide spectrum of users within their unique environments. This collection was envisioned to seamlessly adapt to diverse settings, irrespective of their size and shape, while accommodating a multitude of activities and postures that would suit various body types.

Recognizing that different postures demanded furniture that transcended the traditional categories of armchairs or sofas, this endeavor gave rise to an entirely “new typology” of furniture. The critical stages of prototyping and user-centered design played a pivotal role in achieving the optimal dimensions and functionality, ensuring that the design catered to the needs of individuals with varying heights and genders.

SOLUTION: OMNI – Adaptable, Versatile, Iconic

The collaborative effort aimed to fundamentally redefine the soft seater experience, resulting in the creation of OMNI—a revolutionary living room collection. OMNI is characterized by its capacity to transform the conventional notion of soft seating, emphasizing versatility, user-defined postures, and substantial value within a minimalist design.

By introducing an additional surface between two existing ones, OMNI seamlessly adapts, offering four distinct seating areas tailored to a range of postures, from upright sitting to relaxed reclining. These soft seaters effortlessly transition between various activities, enhancing the overall ambiance of any living room.

In a world where adaptability and versatility are of utmost importance, Form Us With Love and Munito have launched a collection that not only comprehends but also anticipates the evolving needs of modern living spaces. It’s time to bid farewell to static seating options and wholeheartedly embrace the future of the living room with OMNI—an innovative embodiment of functionality, style, and the transformation of soft seating for the contemporary world.

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