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System Table
Client: +Halle


+Halle tasked Form Us With Love to explore the possibility for a table to become an architecture tool. The purpose of the Nest System table is to create a sense of community around a table in a similar fashion we often gather in a break-out space.


The design solution of the System Table derives from the experience the design team had from developing the entire Nest series. FUWL learned from the architects and users of the series that swapping from sitting in a high Nest chair to standing around a high table constituted better performance. Most people preferred working at a standing table, as long as they had comfortable seating to lean on or sit in at the same height. Today, the public space and the workspace are, in some senses, more reliant on each other. In the past decade, we have seen the domestic influence on the workspace. However, learning from public environments has become increasingly important. With the Nest System Table, FUWL is applying the need for something that is not linear—for multiple tables to be configurated using one system, it is a series of parts for your own creation.


Launched at Stockholm Design Week in 2019, Danish design brand +Halle presented the Nest System Tables.

The Nest System Tables, a distinguished modular table solution configured to turn and bend, is an extension of the popular +Halle Nest series. The collection of high and low sofas, chairs and tables is loved by many public spaces for its mix of casual and productive behaviours—above all, it’s adaptable to change. A new set of behavioural learnings comes from the series’ use in public spaces: insisting on a high worktop, individual space, and a sense of scale.

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